Andrea Brillantes Leaked Video Spread Like Wildfire on Social Media

Controversial Video of Andrea Brillantes. Is this truly Andrea Brillantes? The 12 years old child star known in playing the 2013 primetime series Annaliza? And now she's one of the actors we see every night in TV series “Pangako Sa'yo.”

It is said, that she has one older sister and one older brother and also she has an older half-sister.  The video scandal has two clips, and said to be taken from different area of their house said by some netizens who checked her Instagram account. But do you really think it's the 12 years old Andrea Brillantes or her older sister?

There's a lot of proof in the social media that it's not her and it's her older sister. And some netizens says also that it's Andrea Brillantes.

May or May not be her. Let's just not spread it. This may affect not only her career but also affect her emotionally and physiologically.